How to play 4 players chess?

Learn to play chess 4 people in 1 minute!


The chess game in this variant starts with the RED player.

Clockwise: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.

The game of chess at four ends when three players have been eliminated.

The aim of chess for four players is to finish with the highest amount of accumulated points.

How do you get the points in chess for four?

  • Pawn: 1 point
  • Knight: 3 points
  • Bishop and Rook: 5 points
  • Checkers: 9 points
  • Kings: 20 points or 40 points if you select it in the game options before starting the game
  • Crowned Queen: 1 point
  • Double Check: 5 points
  • Triple Check: 20 points or 40 points if you select it in the game options before starting the game.

      Rules for playing chess at four FFA (Free-For-All) variant.

      The game of chess starts with the red player. Clockwise: red, blue, yellow, and green.

      The chess game ends when three players have been eliminated. If a player is abandoned before all players have made at least four moves and nobody has points yet, and the abandoning player was not in check, the game will be suspended and he will lose the rating.

      A disconnected player has 60 seconds to reconnect before losing in time.

      When a player leaves a four-player chess game, that player's King remains on the board with random moves controlled by the AI.

      The "dead" pieces are represented in gray when a player is eliminated.

      The capture of the dead pieces does not award any points.


      The last player will receive 20 or (40) points for each live king (except his) remaining on the board.

      In the case of Tables for insufficient material, repetition of 3 times, or the rule of 50 moves, the remaining players receive 10 points each.

      The total points do not directly affect the ELO score, only the final position of the game.

      Also, you can not talk about the mistakes that can be solved, but you can discuss what has already happened if you can not undo it. If you break this rule you will be banned from chatting or even expelled from the game.

      Examples of forbidden phrases: "watch out for red", "let's attack green together", "I won't capture your queen", "protect your pawn", "leave", "don't leave".

      It is also forbidden to ask other players to give you points.

      Example: "give me 7 points and quit", "only 5 points, please".
      You can be expelled for doing this.

      Now you are ready to play!!!


      Now that you know how it works...

      It is the moment to challenge your friends and show who is the best of the four. There is one thing you should know, as well as in ordinary chess in the Four chess players, chess openings do not work. 

      Therefore, the one who knows the earliest game theory will not win, if not the most complete player who knows how to better adapt to the crazy situations that are formed on the board.


      Apart from the rules that you have seen before there are many ways to play, we teach you the classic way but you can choose the one you like the most.

      From the corporation's heart, we show you this chessboard variant we are used to. We are completely sure that this is the most fun chess variant of all, and it's possibly the one that most challenges your logic and abilities.


      - Play up to 4 players in the same game chess.

      - Learn new ways of playing: moves, openings, playability, etc.

      - Develop skills such as concentration or critical thinking to anticipate moves that will occur 3 turns after your move.

      - Become the avant-garde chess player and get ahead of one of the current emerging trends such as four-player chess.

      If you still find this new chess modality very confusing, don't worry too much, since as with everything, practice makes the master.


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